never accepted never liked never called beautiful never trusted never loved always called ugly girl always was a fat girl always was laughted about always kept my feelings inside always kept my secret always hated  That things happend to me like everday I know how to fight how to survive how to cry but I learned to get over those things and I learned what counts in life only trust yourself find something that holds you over water and laught no matter what you can't kill them all so let's do it with a head hell high and a smile on the face never lose your crown! -R

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Black Hole

Fighting against a perfect picture is not easy You know you could be but either you can't See this picture in front of you every fucking second is destroying You don't know what to do crying laughing nothing helps You can see light in the darkness if someone tells you you're beautiful even if you don't believe it a smile comes to your face After this delighting moment darkness comes back and you're in this black hole again Come out is impossible or just possible for a few seconds If you wouldn't have a passion to hold on you could not breath anymore You say to yourself 'I'll accept myself and will learn to love my mistakes' inside you know you'll never accept who you are -R

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